Rapp at Home is the new village serving all of Rappahannock County’s senior residents. Our core services listed below are just the beginning. We will grow and add services over the next few months.

Transportation can be one of the most challenging aspects of aging.  We may not see as well at night as we used to.  Medical procedures may necessitate a driver.  Rapp at Home has a comprehensive database of transportation options available to members in Rappahannock County.  Rapp at Home members get free rides to local medical appointments from screened volunteer drivers.  Rapp at Home can also refer members to free regional or paid transportation providers depending up the need.

Rapp at Home offers a unique “one-stop shopping” approach to serving our members. One Call can provide the ability to help members navigate home health care and related assistance so you can return home or stay in your home. The One Call Service Center can also put you in touch with other members able to help you address public benefits or assist in identifying the expertise you need to resolve Medicare, Social Security and food security issues.


Get access to: handymen, computer experts, caterers, meals delivered or cooked, dog walkers, housekeepers, home visits, plumbers, tax experts, electricians … the list is always growing.  And our list is not just for paid services.  Frequently, our volunteers are available to help with small chores and things that simply require an extra pair of hands.


And we pledge to always get back to you within one business day.  We may not have the answer yet but we will always keep you informed.

2nd Fridays- Rapp at Home members meet for coffee and conversations with local residents to recount stories about their lives and careers, as well as topics of interest to the group.

4th Fridays– Rapp at Home members visit local places of interest for lifelong learning opportunities and fitness activities.

Conversations on Aging– a monthly facilitated discussion group of members led by a trained social work professional that addresses topics and issues related to aging.

Monthly Cultural Activities– join a group of Rapp at Home members for trips to plays, concerts, museums, and other cultural attractions.

One time or every week.

Place your grocery order on-line at the North Rock  Harris-Teeter in Warrenton
before noon on Thursday.  And a Rapp at Home volunteer
will pick up your groceries and deliver them to your home.

Groceries to your door in 3 easy steps:

1)  Go to the North Rock Harris Teeter website and place your grocery order*
2)  Before Noon on Thursday notify our grocery coordinator that you placed an order
3)  Pay for groceries with cash or a check upon delivery

*If you do not have internet access, call Rapp at Home at 540-937-4663 and a Rapp at Home volunteer will input your order for you!

Tips for a great grocery experience:

Put in your Harris Teeter VIC number to get all applicable discounts.
Shop on Thursday morning and take advantage of Harris Teeter’s 5% senior discount day.

Please note that Harris Teeter charges $4.95 for their service.  (First time is free.)  Delivery to your door by a Rapp at Home volunteer is always free.

Questions?  Call Rapp at Home at 540-937-HOME (4663).

One time or every week.
Place your order with our local pharmacy partner (CVS) before 7:00P on Tuesday.
And a Rapp at Home volunteer will pick up your prescriptions and deliver them to your home on Thursday.

Note that this service is available only through a special arrangement with one local CVS Pharmacy.  Please contact Rapp at Home with all questions regarding this program.

Prescriptions to your door in 4 easy steps:
1)  You must notify Rapp at Home that you want to participate
2)  Before 7:00P on Tuesday* place your order with the pharmacy for pick up and delivery on Thursday by a Rapp at Home volunteer
3)  A pharmacy representative will contact you by phone to get credit card payment information
4)  Before noon on Thursday, notify the Rapp at Home delivery coordinator that you have a prescription waiting

*In order to give the pharmacy time to order any prescription items that may not be in stock.

All Rapp at Home delivery orders will be packaged in brown paper bags to comply with HIPPA requirements and protect your privacy.

All insurance information must be on file.

The delivery volunteer will need the customer’s name and date of birth in order to pick up.

Questions?  Call Rapp at Home at 540-937-HOME (4663).

Member Benefits (As we grow over the next 18 months)

Tech Support for computers, internet use, cell phone, electronic devices

Services to preserve independence

  • Online Grocery Orders and Pick Up
  • House “minding” (when members are away)
  • Home safety checks
  • Help with decluttering and downsizing
  • Relief of spouse who is primary caregiver

Social Activities

  • Eating companions
  • Trips to events, culture activities
  • Games
  • Friendly visitors

Healthy and Physical Activities

  • Group physical activities (such as LIFT, a senior weight training class offered by Virginia Tech)
  • Group walks


  • On relevant topics of aging
  • Discussing end of life issues, advanced medical directives, and hospice care,
  • Monthly “Lunch & Learn”

Advocacy to build an essential support system for Seniors in our rural Rappahannock County

Opportunities to join other members in community service/volunteer projects

Services that many “villages” provide and that we MAY include:

  • Short term help with meals
  • Reading, sorting and organizing mail
  • Help with balancing checkbooks and paying bills
  • Short-term pet care and dog walking
  • Financial Management
  • Information on wills and estate planning
  • Preparing tax forms
  • Reviewing and renewing contracts and government-required documents
  • Explaining household budgets and financial management