Executive Director Opening

Position Announcement

Rapp at Home, Inc. (hereafter referred to as RAH or the Village), a non-profit corporation
founded to help seniors ( 50+) maintain their independence and live safely in their own homes.
It is a membership organization which provides a mutual support system for seniors. Rapp at
Home members receive transportation, services, social and cultural activities and/or referrals to
other community organizations, service providers and businesses.
The Executive Director (Director) is responsible for helping to maintain operation of the
organization. Working in close consultation with the RAH Officers and Board of Directors, the
Executive Director oversees all RAH daily operations, including outreach, and communications
and new service development, and also works with the Board on budgeting and fundraising. The
position requires working with a wide range of local and, in some cases, State and national
organizations and institutions, and with the members of the Village. The Director is responsible
for the management of a small office and staff.
Manages Rapp at Home’s Staff, Volunteer/Member Office, and Budget
Recruits and effectively oversees office functions including member marketing, member
services, and bookkeeping. Works closely with Volunteer Coordinator and volunteers.

Ensures that the RAH office,is appropriately staffed and physically well-maintained and is
organized to support volunteer participation.
Maintains and updates calendar with all RAH events as well as critical due dates for grant
proposals, and legally required reports, and tax returns.
Oversees updates of social media and assures all communication tools are up to date and well
Organizes and maintains a compendium of policies and procedures available for ready reference.
Assuring that RAH files are maintained in a timely and orderly manner with protection of
confidential and private information.
Maintaining and enhancing RAH’s web site.

Tracks organization income and expenditures and, along with the Treasurer, maintains
appropriate financial records to respond to business, government, grant makers, and other
entities. In conjuction with the Treasurer, drafts annual budget for review and approval by
Board; manages RAH resources.
Recruits New Members and Retains Existing Members
In close consultation with the Board and Volunteer Coordinator, develops and implements a
strategy for recruiting new members.
Enrolls new members and assures that their needs are assessed.
Assures that an accurate database of members, referral information, and service providers is
Coordinates Member Services
 Develops partnerships with organizations, to provide services to members.
 Responds to member requests in a friendly and timely manner (directly and through
trained volunteers).
 Constantly reviews, evaluates, and updates the Village’s referral information, service
providers, and programs, and seeks out new ones.
 Researches and informs members of available activities and events.
Supports Board of Directors and Its Programs
Implements Board decisions and ensures that programs and services are consistent with overall
Village aims; attends regular Board meetings, drafts minutes of Board meetings, provides Board
with written monthly report and a consolidated annual report.
Assists Board in maintaining active committee structure and records thereof.
For major Board-sponsored projects and events, creates project plans with necessary budgets,
timelines, and status reports to the Board, including evaluations of such efforts.
Prepares a written report for each Board meeting that includes, among other items, a report on
actual revenue and expenses compared to budget.
Participates in organization’s fundraising activities, assures that grant applications are of high
quality and reflect organization planning and are submitted in a timely manner.
Performs Outreach Functions
Looks to all appropriate media and mechanisms to promote RAH and raise its profile within the

Develops information/texts for the RAH outreach vehicles, especially. the organization’s website
and its periodic newsletter, and provides copy for all promotional material, such as brochures,
flyers, mailings, ads, etc.
Represents RAH in public forums, and community meetings.
Other Duties as Assigned
Skills Sought

 Financial – Experience with budgeting, basic accounting, and other financials
concerning nonprofits
 Management – Ability to manage a small staff composed primarily of volunteers.
 Social and Regulatory – Significant work with elders and experience with laws
and regulations and services that affect service to older people
 Fundraising and marketing skills, social networking via web-based systems
 Social skills – Enjoys interacting with people, is patient in dealing with members
 Problem solver – Able to research and find answers in order to help members with
their needs.
 Writer – Capable of fashioning appropriate outreach and publicity materials,
writes and edits organization’s communications, conceives grant proposals

Hours: 20 hours a week
Evaluation: By the President (in consultation with the Board of Directors): After 90 days; and on the anniversary of appointment.