At some point we all need help when:

  • Volunteer transportation to medical appointments
  • Social activities including LIFT exercise, book club, member outings, coffee & discussion group, etc
  • Picking up prescriptions and groceries
  • Referral to vendors through out database of member-recommended providers (including home health aides, handyman services, tech help, etc)
  • Building a network of activities and friends to avoid isolation
  • Having help to address the complex challenges of aging


This is not a social service model.  This is how we take care of ourselves.

Susan McWhinney-Morse, 81

Founding member, Beacon Hill Village

Economically, villages are a great deal.  You can retain equity in your home, your biggest asset.

Frank McAleer

Director of Retirement Solutions, Raymond James Financial Inc.

Villages offer advantages similar to life insurance, which is bought before needed.

Your Money

New York Times, Nov. 28, 2014